Not to suggest to live in agony but becoming aware of the rising need for comfort and abandoning ut might be an experiment that’s worth going through.

When I think back on my life and the decisions I’ve made, some of the best outcomes were a result of embracing the…

If you have an account on Robinhood (RH) and want to switch to a different broker, the process is pretty straightforward, or at least it was for me.

I have heard people transferring by selling all of their shares, or stopping initiating new buys in RH and doing so only…

I can feel a certain thought, deep in the subconscious bubbling, and then eventually it makes its way to the surface as a more coherent idea. It happens to us when we think, learn, and seek answers. I had one instance of this just now and I wanted to put…

Still managed to continue reading in 2020, and came in at 15 books. I believe that’s the smallest number of books I’ve finished in a year since I have started tracking my reading.

There was a big shift in what I read. The books now mostly revolve around investing and…

The October drop in general markets was slow to come, but it is definitely here with two straight weeks of downwards action.

I’ve been curious to observe what the bitcoin price will do when the drop came, and so far, it has not followed the general trend. Instead, it has diverged and is continuing its upward momentum.

Let’s see how it plays out over the next month as the last two weeks is still too little time to make general conclusions.

For comparisons, here is the S&P Index

And here is Bitcoin/USD

Laimonas Simutis

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